How can we put our unique flavor into words? Jamaicaway isn't just jerk chicken, it isn't just oxtail, and it certainly isn't just a well fried piece of fish. So what keeps the line out the door you might ask?

Meet Ouida

Jamaicaway's owner, head chef, and flavor connoisseur. She started as a young girl in Mandeville, Jamaica feeding her family hearty meals that not only kept them fed, but craving more. It was only natural that when she came to the US she transformed her cooking skills into a restaurant, but not just any restaurant. A place she could pour her heart and soul into, and eventually a place where many people would come to call home on their lunch break. Her recipes are uniquely her own, and you can't help but wonder what goes into them. So what is the secret ingredient you might ask? Sheer God-given talent!

Meet David

Ouida's husband and part owner of Jamaicaway. He is a fellow native to the island of Jamaica as well. Kingston, Jamaica to be exact. He is the brains of the operations that keeps the lights on and the behind the scenes running smooth. He may not have his hand in a pot, but every business needs a numbers guy, and he is our numbers guy and more!

Together they own Jamaicaway. A humble restaurant nestled in Nashville's Farmers Market that keeps everyone in the city wanting more. Here you can not only taste their hard work and dedication in the food, but also feel the cool island vibes of their homeland. Whether it's a traditional spicy jerk chicken plate, American bar-b-que chicken plate, or even a homemade vegan dish, there's an entrรฉe here for everyone to enjoy. And it's unbelievably good. I mean really good. Don't believe us? Just ask Guy Fieri he can tell you. Still don't believe us? See for yourself and check out our feature episodes on the popular Food Network's television show Diners, Drive ins, and Dives.

So whether you're just dropping by for a patty and coco bread, or dining in and feasting on a large curry goat plate, we are happy to have you either way. We even give you a complimentary fried biscuit with every meal. (It's called a jonny cake, it's seriously almost the best part!)

So what's our flavor? It's jerk. It's curry. And we can't forget brown stew. It's JamaicaWay!

Can't make it to us in person? No problem. You can find us on DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub!